2017 highlights pt 5

Highlights of 2017 pt 5.
Guerrilla media, my media picks of the year....
Technically not a web site the FB page Ride on showed everyone you can still be syched on riding bikes at any age and at any level. No negatives here for the most part, just people rediscovering what's important about riding. Fun. They are also pro actively putting there time and energy into putting on there own events through out the year. Check one out if ya can.
Podcast 2017:
Although it's pretty much all race related stuff, Dale Holmes has my fav podcast of 17. If you would have told me in the late 90's that id be listening to race stories from a bunch of old race pro's, i would have probably swore a lot and told you you were wrong. These guys share the exact same passion for BMX as ya most hardcore of fun seekers only there eye's were paying attention to the BMX track intricacies. And even after all these years many of them still ride BMX. This is for the nerdiest of nerdy BMX historians with huge guests -especially if your an 80s starter-Greg Hill, Harry Leary , Tim March n Grotbags himself all got the audio treatment. Good insight into the old days with amazing stories from before most of us were born!
Challenger zine...All zines
There are a few good zines floating around at the minute, these projects are produced on enthusiasm n love for the activity alone, keeping print and the true spirit of independence alive. Challenger is just one of these examples that I got to see regularly in 2017.


Highlights of 2017 pt 4

Seeing Robbo back on a bike is for an awesome thing to see, after an accident leaing him with a broken back and being told he may never walk again the Dr Strange of BMX is back on 2 wheels and i know it wont be long before the cauldron is on full boil again! Things like this really make me think about my every day winges! Heres a pic i shot in Spain a few years back, that same pic thats on top of this page if you didnt notice! Heres to Robbo!


Highlights 2017 pt 3:

United X Union Prime mover frame:

A few years ago, in 2011 it was difficult to get Bmx frame with 'normal' geometry. Head angles were getting steeper n steeper n back ends got as short as a frozen pizza, so we teamed up with United to make our first colab frame, with tried n trusted classic BMX geometry and a mean look, 7 years later it's going better than ever n this relationship will be getting stronger for the new year.