For the few

I was thinking i should type some thing lengthy about this pic of Chris Stauffer shot by @mrrushmore, but then thought id just post it and let the place and rider tell the story. Ended up some where in between. When the BMX media decided this sort of thing wasnt so cool anymore and scurried off to over expose other styles of riding these guys stayed in the woods and carried on there pursuits. A pic like this should have ended up on a "big" BMX media site with a little piece about the place and rider and how 20 years have passed and the place and rider are still shredding, but then, theres no one in the media who really knows or cares, so the few who come here are some of the only ones who will see it. Stauffer, flattie. POSH 2017, long live BMX and the few that care to know!