Scotty is charged.

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"] Scott Malyon has been around a good while, And has been bad ass forever. We knew he'd be guilty of a good few"offence's"hold his hands up and come clean regardless...

Skinny bars? Guilty, powerlites were definately my guilty pleasure back in those days. Good for barspins and x-ups but thats about it. Chain wallet? Not guilty. I've never had enough money in my wallet to warrant attaching a chain to it.

Front brake? Not guilty..... i ran a front brake but im not guilty of it. Matt Jenkins was big influence in my running the ole front brake back in the Leigh on Sea days. Matt was tech as fuck with the frontie. No brake? Guilty but only when i was too young to know any better and because my wheels were so buckled i couldn't fit them.

4 piece bars? Guilty. Powerlites became a big fashion statement for a while, so for once in my life i could say that i was fashionable back then. Pegs? Guilty, i used to run four 5 inch pegs. Now im just down to 2. Pegless? Guilty but only when i've taken them off for jumping.

Motor bike chain? Not guilty. Escalator chain is much stranger. Dye's still running a chain i gave him years ago. Cheap jew son of a bitch!!!

Hip hop jeans? Not guilty. Girls jeans? Not guilty. It's not big and it's not clever. DONT DO IT KIDS!!!!! Elbow pads? Guilty, but thats was only after hurting my elbow, after that it got binned. Peg chinks? Guilty. Still busting them out now!!! 5 inch pegs? Guilty. They were kind of like stabilisers when i was learning to grind, and the front ones were on peg mounts, so they probably stuck out about 6 inches. NICE!!! Dickies pants? Guilty. What can i say, they fit well, not too tight and not too baggy. New Era? F@ck off!!! Studded belt? Not guilty, theres no need for that shit! Roof drop? Guilty. Half barspin? Guilty and proud of it. You cant beat a good half barspin Kick flips/Crank flips? Guilty. Man i suck!! 3/4 length long sleeve? Not guilty. I own one, but i've never worn it.

Gyro? Guilty. Theres nothing wrong with a gyro, i ran one my whole life up until about 3 years ago.

Nokon cable? Not guilty. Thats just a load of posh rubbish, if your cable snaps it all goes everywhere. Pointless.

Manual to 180? Guilty. But i can normally only manage a manual to dog leg 90... much more stylish!! Hand plant? Guilty. No comment!!! Unlook back? Not guilty

Bandana? Not guilty. Only jabroni's wear that crap. Multiple foot jams? Not guilty. I can do a few differant types but i never do any of this stupid tap dancing on your front wheeel stuff that alot of idiots are doing these days. Dread locks? Not guilty. I thought about it when i had long hair, but i chopped it off instead Roll out half cab-Parrick style? Guilty.

Roll out sliders? Not guilty. Pointless.

Emo fringe?Not guilty, not possible with the gilligan's island i've got going on!!!