Geoff Slattery answers some...

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Place of residence? Audubon, New Jersey. What's the first thing you think of in the morning? What's the weather like? What's the last thing you think of at night? That varies from night to night What you been doing in these spring months?

Just been chillin. Started digging some trails right by my house, nothing specail just something to ride. How was the recent trip to Oz? The trip to OZ was amazing. spent 2 weeks over there, rode a ton, went surfing, chilled, cant really ask for more. Who was that Oz local josh character that was biting your style on the ride uk site? Haha, i dont know, i havent seen it.-Geoff had a pic on the Ride uk site, and he was mistakenly labeled"local Josh".

geoff-turn-down.jpg Whats the story with the foot support in the shoe? I broke my foot a while back and the insert gives the arch of my foot support. Are you an internet junkie? Na, not really. i get stuck on it from time to time but not usually. 5 non bmx websites you visit daily? Yahoo, myspace, thats about it. How often do you change your myspace profile pic? Whenever i come across a good pic. Favourite snack? Sourdough pretzels.

geoffthe-source.jpg The first bmx film you saw was? Seek and destroy. What was the last bmx film you watched,how was it? Thunder, its always a treat. What was the last bike part you payed for? Front tyre. Your'e average weekend consists of.... Ride mapleshade, fdr, have some drinks, and heckle. Favourite riding spot 5 years ago? Fdr.

geoff-hoofer.jpg Favourite riding spot now? Posh and catty. What was the first famous trail spot you visited, how was that? nam. it was a hell of an experience. the jumps were amazing. it was completely new to me cause i had never riddin a set of trails like that. i think i was 14, and my ride had left so i was waiting on my buddy to come later. i ended up getting a flat tyre and just sitting around for like an hour or so stressing about if my buddy was gonna show up or not. i didnt know any of the locals, and the one guy murph goes, you got a ride home? i said yeah i think he's still coming out. he goes well if he doesnt, your coming home with me and im drinking like a fish tonight. i didnt know what it meant until i asked my friend on the way home. it was a hell of a first impression for the locals at Bethlehem. What 5 riders have influenced your riding in the last 5 years? Garret, BF, Van, Aitken, Chase Hawk. What 5 riders influenced you when you started?


Garret, Joe Rich, Taj, Ground chuck, Punjab. What was the last trick you learned? One handed table. What is a trick you wanted to learn but still havent? Tail whips. Is there anything you wish would disappear from bmx? Non bmx concrete parks. Is there anything you think needs to make a come back in bmx? Seat posts. First memorable picture you saw in a bmx mag? Groundchuck doing his signature move.(1 hand flattie) Last memorable picture you saw in a bmx mag? The entire trails issue of Dig.


See some footage of Geoff here and here .