Do you smell what the Marv is cooking?

marv1.jpg Fit bike co's Marv is nothing to do with us officially, well he lives in the same town as me ,so i guess we are some what connected, anyway who cares heres some top 5's from the Marv.

1998-where was ya? Living in Newbury hanging out down the jumps and the skatepark, drinking and learning barspins. Pretty much a nerd at this point and had only been riding about a year, our Newbury riding crew was really strong and everyone loved riding jumps. Pretty much loving life to the max!

5 of your most viewed bmx flicks. soil Can i eat Domination All day NSF2

5 favoured video parts. Barspinner Ryan, soil Joe Cox, Tomorrow We Work Lou Rajish, Blue Print Punjab, Domination Vinnie Sammon, Can i eat

5 riders who have most influenced your riding. Joe Cox Butcher Kris Bennett Edwin de la Rosa Troy McMurry

5 non bmx pass times. Partying Watching football Going to gigs Planning how to get girls Reading

5 of your favourite trail riders. Kris Bennett Barspinner Punjab Stauffer Chase Hawk

5 riding spots you'd like to revisit. MACBA Holborn Viaduct Newbury Golf Course Jump (we built them but they got ploughed before we got to jump them) Ponds Forge Flat Bars Edgeware road Tescos Ledges

5 splendid bmx products. Profile Cranks Powerlites Scerbo bars STA PEGS

5 best trips. Barca 05 Fit Paris Fit Greece Carhartt Cologne Madrid 07

5 favoured snacks. Pepperarmi Red Stripe Squares Salt n Vinegar Drifters Banana's

5 worst things about riding street. Glass on the ground Getting busted Skateboarders trying to stop you grinding Rude boys Things being just unridable and there being nothing you can do about it.

5 good things about London town. Street Gigs Girls Friends London Fields

5 flat banks. Newbury Jump box landing Devonshire Green Hackney Wick Hip st Paul's embankment banks The old petrol station in Sheffield

5 best things about 08. Dan Benson Going to NYC and Philly Tomorrow We Work Riding some jumps again Malaga at the beginning of the year

5 people you keep spots secret from. Robin Fenlon John Dye Topgun Almost all non locals

5 fun tranny sessions. Cantelowes one Wednesday last year Wuppertal back garden mini ramp Dumbarton unit 23 drunk spine mini Peghill bowl circa 2003/04 Farnborough Beers For Cheers jam circa 2003