Talking Taj ...

taj-mrs-pac-man.jpgPlace of residence?Austin Texas. Whats the first thing you think of in the morning? Took the dogs outside, showered. Whats the last thing you think of at night? BMX or girls.

ta-whostucker.jpg What you been doing in these winter months? Winter here in Austin is the best. Its finally not boiling hot. Been riding and playing music. Are you an internet junkie? No, not really.

taj-1-influence-us-ride.jpg 5 non bmx websites you visit daily?, yahoo, and honestly, the rest are all BMX. How often do you change your myspace profile pic? I'm off the myspace and have been for a good while now. That was a time waster. I have a Facebook, but I don't understand how to use it.

taj-tap.jpgdivide1.jpgtaj-cover-ride-usa-99.jpg Favourite snack? Homemade fresh salsa. The first bmx film you saw was? Head First. What was the last bmx film you watched,how was it? I just re-watched the 50/50 video. It was really good and gets me excited to ride... and unfortunately that seems few and far between with BMX videos lately. What was the last bike part you payed for? The only bike part Odyssey doesn't make is chains so I have to buy those. I bought a $80 seat for my road bike the other day too.

taj-griz-o.jpgdivide1.jpgtaj-one-hand-whip-france.jpg You're average weekend consists of.... I'm a pro BMX bum... its all weekends! Favourite riding spot 5 years ago? T-1 ramp.

t-1-panny.jpg Favourite riding spot now? T-1 ramp and dirt jumps in austin (9th Street, the pump track and east side). What 5 riders have influenced your riding in the last 5 years? Ruben Alcantara, Joe Rich, Chase Hawk, Mike Aitken, and Sandy Carson. What 5 riders influenced you when you started?

taj-tabo-3.jpg Mat Hoffman, Ron Kimler, Rick Molitnerno, Krt Schmidt, and Todd Lyons. What was the last trick you learned? toothpick stalls! I could never do that till recently. What is a trick you wanted to learn but still havent? I always wanted to learn 360 downside whips. I've come close, but never got them to work the way I want. Did you ever imagine you would'nt be riding a t-1? Not a while ago I guess, but eventually it started to become clear it was time to move on. Although, I imagined the reason I wouldn't ride a T-1 was because we went out of business, not because I left the company.

taj-grind-to-over-rail.jpg How is it with Giant? Its really fun. They are letting me invent my own program and that is cool. I just only do events that are fun and get to have lots of cool bikes. Is there anything you wish would disappear from bmx? Crappy cookie cutter riding TV contests... I wish the TV stuff was a little bit more like what I enjoy about BMX. But, whatever... different strokes for different weirdos. Is there anything you think needs to make a come back in bmx? Helmets I guess. I think its time again.

taj-alley-oop-by-jam-02.jpg First memorable picture you saw in a bmx mag? Mat Hoffman's first back flip... cover of Go. Fuzzy can can cover of BMX Action. Last memorable picture you saw in a bmx mag? I like the Sean Burns Ride US cover that Sandy shot.