Clint Reynolds interview.

Name:Clint Reynolds Place of residence? Derry, New Hampshire

dsc_0767.JPG Whats the first thing you think of in the morning? Food, coffee, what to ride, and what to mod. Whats the last thing you think of at night? Usually what I'm about to do the next morning.

dsc_0754.JPG What you been doing in these summer months? I've been riding a lot lately. Mostly the trails in PA. When I"m home in NH work takes up a lot of my time, but I still ride just about every day. What goes on with credence bikes? Credence is a small company I run that consists of all my friends that ride. Are you an internet junkie? I wouldn't say so. I haven't been on a computer in over a week.

dsc_0097.jpgdsc_0951.JPG 5 non bmx websites you visit daily? How often do you change your myspace profile pic? hard to say, maybe once a month. What was the last city you visited? Philly. What place visited this year did you like most? The UK was sick. It was my first time over there,and I can't wait to go back. Favourite snack? Sandwich

dsc_0083.JPGdsc_0010.JPG The first bmx film you saw was? It might have been Rad, I'm not sure if that counts? What was the last bmx film you watched,how was it? Criminal Mischief, Van Homan is a silver back. What was the last bike part you payed for? Forks You're average weekend consists of.... It depend if I'm at home or on the road. If I'm home it's mods in the AM and riding in the PM. But if I'm on the road it's riding in the AM and chilling with my friends in the PM. Favourite riding spot 5 years ago? The trails behind my house. Favourite riding spot now? The trails in PA. What 5 riders have influenced your riding in the last 5 years? That's hard to say because you get a little bit from every buddy, but the major ones would be Brian Yeagle,Nutter, Derrick Girrard, Brian Hunt, and Matty Aquizap. What 5 riders influenced you when you started? The older kids who lived down the street that had sweet trails.

dsc_0050.JPGdsc_0088.JPG Where do you feel you fit into the lawn mower legacy? I'm not sure how to answer this, but I first saw Derrick Girrard do one and thought it looked awesome.Then I learned them on ramps and finally stepped it up to some decent sized sub boxes. AS far as legacy goes,I think I just dusted off an old move that the younger generation hadn't really saw too much of. What was the last trick you learned? nac nac seat grabs. What is a trick you wanted to learn but still havent? oppo spins are scary Favourite wrestler? The hulkster! Is there anything you wish would disappear from bmx? Drama, and trails getting torn down for BS reasons. Is there anything you think needs to make a come back in bmx? It all comes back around sooner or later.

dsc_0757.JPG First memorable picture you saw in a bmx mag? I'm not sure who it was or what mag it was, but this guy doing a 360 table, and I couldn't believe it. Last memorable picture you saw in a bmx mag? Yeagle at the empire of dirt roasting the curved wall.