Mr Jimmy Rushmore interview...


Name jimmy maynard rushmore

place of residence? cuffley

whats the first thing you think of in the morning?jus 5 more minutes!! gettin up sucks....really!!


whats the last thing you think of at night? wat time i gotta get up in the mornin!!

are you an internet junkie?NO, i think i go on like 4 sites then propa vadenuff!!

5 non bmx websites you visit daily?fuck knows i go online bout twice a week, my hands are to busy massagin me ol vera lynns!

how many bifta's do you do in a day?rrrr duuunnnnaaaaaar...not enuff!! it depends how the day goes, minimum i reckon is like 5. but if its typical lazy sunday at rom were talkin like 8 bad boys.


describe a day with no weed?

wake up no joint.livid.

drive to ride, no joint..livid

ride like iv got square wheels,still no joint...LIVID

people start sayin iv only got the camel coz i aint got no weed....LIVID!

break bike, no joint...FUCKIN LIVID

starts rainin so i drive home with no fuckin joint!!go to bed and cant sleep coz i didnt get cained....LIVID!!!

in short, NO WEED= LIVID!!!!

favourite snack?white widow, bubblegum, cheese, lemons,

the first bmx film you saw was?the last resort!! i couldnt beleive it was in england, i didnt even know ramps existed!! has any1 got a copy i need to see that vid again!!

what was the last bmx film you watched,how was it?Thunder....fuckin amazin!! older videos rule, seems like people were out for a good time back then rather than now with every1 tryin to be the next big thing, WHO GIVES A FUCK!! dean hearne no foot can seat grab in 97 need i say any more??


what was the last bike part you payed for?an inner tube iv had like 5 punctures in 4 days lucky the stash is rockin!!!

favourite riding spot 5 years ago?harlow mini ramp!! it had a sweet hip it was the bollox!! wish it was still there!!

favourite riding spot now?oi oi romford!! its got more lines than pablo escabar!!

what 5 riders have influenced your riding in the last 5 years?g-dogg shiiit he been smokin since he was 2!! billy fuckin mills, dyenosaur, farmer malyon, ross head loves a whinge. com

what 5 riders influenced you when you started?glenn, dye, the nase, gerry galley, joe rich, the cong, rabib ron, rattlin rob 3.16, the dreig, chris stauffer, its more than 5 but fuck it!! these dudes rul

what was the last trick you learned?oppo round the world wit the left peg...psyched!!

what is a trick you wanted to learn but still havent?lookbacks!! they look da bollox but i jus end up avin a starchiac arrest.

favourite wrestler? stone cold steve austin!! D.T.A!is there anything you wish would disappear from bmx?yes!! all these dumb self proclaimed superstars who think there the next big thing or there owed something coz they can bust a whip without leavin the floor or or jump a box doin a backflip double epileptic fit or something!! big deal it aint nuffink new people ave been doin that shit 4 like 2 decades plus. jus fuckin remove your head from your arse and get over yourself!

is there anything you think needs to make a come back in bmx?bmxers!! people who wanna ride for the enjoyment of the time spent on there bikes.

first memorable picture you saw in a bmx mag?gerry galley no foot x up on some mud humps!!


last memorable picture you saw in a bmx mag?does a zine count as a mag?? nicky croft doin a massive panny at some concrete park seriously massive

what are the bad things about trail building?how long have you got!!! rosshead would love this question, he'd be moanin about it 4 weeks!!!! i think that when people start moanin about where was you last week when we was buildin or just makin you feel awkward bout bein there it starts making it feel like a job instead of what it really is, a good time!it makes you not wanna go!! everything starts out as mates gettin together and buildin something to ride at a place you can ave fun at! not gettin all twisted and think your changing the world! get over yourselves its just a bmx!!! if your welcoming, people will wanna get involved if they can!!