untapped mayte!

austria-1.jpgdivide2.jpgaustria-22.jpgAustria-Rode the infamous Hard skatepark-which is f@ckin great!the park works so good,endless hips and trannies pointing in all different directions its fast and you dont have to work for the lines...after a quick cotch stop there we headed to Watwill park in Switzerland via a"paper's please"inspection at the swiss boarder-those guys are a$$holes!Wattwill was in a tiny town it had some fun concrete bits and bobs to play about on,a skate park built for 4 skaters according to the locals,Scotty busted out the stiffie for all 4 of em.Back in the van for a short stop at St Galen to rummage round the pool for a bit...3 stops in a day-rare for us boys!