Jon Robinson interview...

Name?Jon Robinson

place of residence?worcester park, epsom, surrey

whats the first thing you think of in the morning?if i wake up to an alarm clock then im thinking "what a load of bollocks" if i wake up without an alarm clock its "ahh splendid"


whats the last thing you think of at night?i love sleeping

what you been doing in the winter months?mostly building at the trails watching films, studying the universe and waiting for summer, fuckin hate winter !

are you an internet junkie?i put in some good hours on the web so i guess yes ? i try not to be but there’s so much stuff on there it’s unbeleivable, it’s an endless amount of knowledge.

5 non bmx websites you visit daily?bbc weather, isohunt, msn, hotmail, myspace, google


how often do you change your myspace profile pic?at 10 minutes past the hour every hour

favourite snack?cheeseburgers maaaaaaan

the first bmx film you saw was?ride on

what was the last bmx film you watched,how was it?odyssey electronical not bad, mike aitken section was the bollox

what was the last bike part you payed for?a brake in spain after i left part of the cable at a petrol garage thinking i could pump my tires up faster than any man ever has, i werent prepared to ride brakeless so i brought a brake from a local shop in madrid and the bolts didnt work on the lugs so i got fucking livid and through my bike into a sand pit to the confusion of a drug dealer who was talking to us i dont think he understod my bismerchment ? after that i had to spend the whole day riding around brakeless some people can ride without brakes well, but i cant and i dont like it, how am i meant to stop ? ! 20 euros down the drain i could of spent on flavoured tobacco ! rubbish !

you're average weekend consists of....usually wake up head to the jumps fix em up have an m & s lunch then ride for a bit then drink beer perfect !

favourite riding spot 5 years ago?home trails

favourite riding spot now?home trails cant beat it


what 5 riders have influenced your riding in the last 5 years?chris stauffer, brian yeagle, groundchuck, brian foster, josh stricker

what 5 riders influenced you when you started?whatever 5 dudes i saw riding trails at the time i guess

what was the last trick you learned?no tricks before six ?

what is a trick you wanted to learn but still havent?to pump my tyres up faster than any man ever has !

favourite wrestler?aint got one but that video you sent me of that guy the iron crushed kebab he was pretty funny

what are the good things about trail building?having somewhere to ride where you can build whatever you want to ride and ride whenever you want and you know your gonna be hanging out with your bros unlike a skatepark where you have to mostly pay to get in ride with a bunch of cunts on rollerblades and other forms of specimens, id rather spend the time building a good spot than put up with all that shit ! so many good things about building, i ive spent winter for the past 10 years digging the same bit of woods in the cold and rain and still cant get enough !

what are the bad things about trail building?bad things would be stupid people and kids fucking with jumps, people walking on jumps in the wet thats a gooden, how do you think that pile of mud got so smooth ? natrually ? wankers, having to put in alot of time in to keep stuff built up and maintained witch pretty much half's the time you spend actually riding, people showing up in spring and spending the whole summer riding the trails then disapering through the winter and reapering in spring again ! get fucked ! what dya think this is a fucking public skatepark put in some work you lazy cunts !


is there anything you wish would disappear from bmx?gang signs

is there anything you think needs to make a come back in bmx?groundchuck

first memorable picture you saw in a bmx mag?cant remember to be honest

last memorable picture you saw in a bmx mag? there was a picture of somebody doing a 10ft tabletop in dig a couple of issuse back on a concrete hip in the us cant beat a massive flattie !