avast ye!

scotty-hwm-update.jpgdivide6.jpgdoyleattila.jpgWhat we talking,A trip to rom,of course!got there just in time to see scotty and jimmy leaping over the back rail from the mini ramp in the corner on to flat spongey wood...what the f@cks that!!On the way home i rocked some old hot water musicon the pod-fuel for the hate game-i forgot how good that record is! Attila bikes have gone soft proof of this is they are holding a jam in Leeds this weekend at the works indoor park there,they claim to be street dont they!its some sort of tag team event,so get up there if you want some of that-good luck with it!check flier or site for info on that one!

Chris Doyle blasts it hard,i stole this pic from kink bikes.heavy look back in some indoor ramp in the usa,aswell as shredding a lanky bike on the tarmac.