Thanks Alex!

portugeezas-day-43.jpgdivide3.jpgportugeezas-day-42.jpgthe final day in portugal was actually dry...and hot,our tour manager Alex took us to lisbon concrete a pretty cool set up that rides better than it looks,after much moping and drying the place was rideable we spent time there ,some dudes showed up and filmed a pop video in the park it was budget to say the least. then we drove abit to a place just outside lisbon which was rumoured to be the first skatepark in portugal,it had a massive 12 foot deep death bowl and some splendid moguls with edges-they were awesome,Alex said it was ghetto but it looked soft!how ever some ass wipe council dude,saw fit to hose em full of water just after we had cleaned em out,so we were only there for an hour or so,enough time for ashley to bust a mean panny,glenn to get livid and ross to talk chariots....Thanks to all the splendid dudes we meet in portugal-Alex,frank and sandro-thanks alot!