fared income mayte?

jim-ross-copy.jpgindoor has been the order of the week,its f@ckin rained for 6 days straight here in the uk!last night a session went down at ye olde scotty's ramp,good vibes,heavy tunes,dry wood and of course flasks of tea are essential in these days.here's a couple of pics of the session,jimmy did some pretty alley oop panny's but grumbled they were nt right.whilst scotty did a 6 foot bar spin to chest slide...the aussies were in full force and i need to get some snaps of a couple of blue tyres from woolen gong.for anyone wondering the"snickers wall"posted in the last post is going not because of bike over use but  just due to the fact they can build more houses on that land,guess london aint populated enough eh ya fackin twats?