puddles,blood and 10 tyres

Another fine day in ole londonium,this would content me if we cruised right thru to march with this fine weather,bring it on! an eventful weekend of bikes and chin wag,lemsip split his eye and smashed his hand on an early run at the spot,bad start to the day,hopefully the hand aint broke and he'll be back and rolling sooner than later. the marvel that is cantelowes park in camden got the once over from ole cong which was truely mercyless,this air was done whilst there was a puddle in the bottom-as usual-of the bowl.if you look closely you can see it on the left...what a dumbass! then theres ross head racing round the corner to some redbull!

Last week i mentioned the kids at rom were doing flyouts but they werent jumping any tyres,you all know i love a bit of old school,so this week billy"st george"sent me a pic of his ole man danny-superbike dan from www.radbmx.co.uk,this pic is from rom in 83,10 tyre glory outta the resi on to the flat...BOSH!