megaphones,king george and alcho pops!

i actually hate halloween,guy fawkes night,hate that too and christmas,yeah thats no pic nic!but halloween,its an excuse for ratty wannabe thugs to wear a mask and try greif some one,well it is round here.however saviour came in essex,with Rom jam halloween bash last night,which was a good time and was rammed!i actually thought there was going to be no one there and it was too busy for me to bother riding,so i took a bunch of pics and generally hung about and took in the night,people rode the whole park,many in fnacy dress,locals billy shredded as king george and jimmy punt wrecked hard. there was a fly out sesh like it was the 80's but these soft b@stards didnt jump over tyres-wussies!! ian rom shouted at people through his mini mega phone,as the bike train went through the moguls he repeatedly commented "rubbish"..."rubbish"..."rubbish"to everyones riding,how polite! there was a heavy skate pool session going down-best one i have ever was nuts.