f@ck the police!

yeah,f@ckin fuck em!i aint been pulled by bungling cops for years then this month its rife,a couple of dip shit cops hammer on the brakes sweeney style to stop us for no reason,i guess most crooks ride round on bmx's these days eh?oh they did come up with a reason-looks like you have been smoking pot.personally i dont smoke,but even if we had so what,there is nothing they could have done unless we had illegal stuff in possesion,liars too....mean while some ones getting a knife stuck in em round the corner...this is london you dicks! anyway less of those wastes of time,camden skatepark in the school holidays-strewth,its all crying kids and lemonade getting thrown all over the place...avoid! check the pics,theres dean hearn with his all new bike set up...took your time to fit in eh! then alex leech sent me this pic from and old freestyle-pre ride magazine-pic,check those fools,that was at the south bank jam in 1990-recognise anyone there? remember some people claiming they had started a new thing a couple years back with street jams...this was the 2nd south bank jam too,get real!