...fenlon...you're next!

F@CKIN holland...ever heard of the internet??!! hotels are bollox!spent a good 5 hours driving up and down holland trying to find a hotel,no where had rooms... we finally found a place at 5 in the a.m....every one was f@ckin livid.so we all up in the air with updates,yesterday rained all day,we aimed for some trails in belgium,they were soaked,then hit a park in belgium-closed,then a park in rotterdam...closed. f@ckin,f@ck!!sunday we hit basildon bowl and the spot early on in the day...a fun day indeed,aint been to the basildon bowl in a while and it was better than i remember,even tho i just took pics most of the time.spent a good 2 hours searching for wireless internet....boiling point suckaaa's!! we'll have another update tomorrow with barney seriously slaying a dutch bowl...fuckin mint mate!