shad will strangle you!

day 2 of props mega snore and we managed to hit 2 spots,we rode crawley concrete park and spooks trails in worthing,the park is not too good but the traisl got the thumbs up,thanks to ian and those guys for letting us ride there.the concrete had a 1/4 that some guys liked-barney,jimmy and ashley charles boosted the concrete and ashley did a long as ice pick grind along and up a kink,then we rode spooks trails,it was getting dark but still scotty,ross,barney,jon and jimmy ripped em...we've been keeping an eye on the united site and noticed how robin was trying to palm the blame off for forgetting his passport on us being "fashionably late"-nice answer dean...shad told us stories of how he is not violent cause he just strangles people uncouncious and doesnt actually punch them....strewth!