GAAARRR!here be malyon!

finally got to a damn computer to update our trip,i went on united bikes site and they had like 15 up dates and videos before they had even left hastings!robin forgot his passport and we dragged them down to our level with a 2 oclock ferry and formula 1 hotel mission....ended up in paris late as a mic stuck in our hand and left with in an hour!picked up shad johnson and retunred asap to the uk,shad is like pac man...just check pics! rode trails today with th ecrew,fuckin fun day,scott malyon even returned from the grave to 360 the longest jump at the trails....ave it!jon got livid,ross is always pissed off and barney thought it were mint,everyone else seemed in good form and we rode trails all day whilst shad chowed down and couldnt find any ghosts. more tommorow.... suppin into the night.