a transit van eating grass?

Fack me,if it werent dry at the trails today,what a splendid day,everything running fast and smooth,the first real session ive managed in august-its only supposed to be the dryest month eh!was about time something happened here weather wise,and it did give a splendid day indeed.being in the woods with a few bro's and having a time rolling around certainly takes some beating.actually rolling round anywhere with a couple of friends is always good but its been som long since we got a good fast day that it always feels great...anyway,check the pics,dean even ended up in the swamp,he joins an ultra elite club of swamp settler's-and the caption was deans description of a hippo he saw on holiday....fuckin awesome!to every one who's been mailing us for stickers-whats up with you boys in scotland!?we have none at the minute,when the new ones are done i'll put a post up,once the posts up,mail me.now go rattle em!