fbm's brawling at the belmar old school dirt jumping contest was this past weekend,the belmar is a bar and the jump was built round the back-one single double i think was built,hence old school dirt jumping.i dont know who won or who showed up but i do know geoff slattery did this 180!i think geoff is one of my favourite riders,the dude shreds.thanks to ian"mozza"morris for sending us the pics of the weekend,i had shot no pics other than biff sleeping at the spot after one too many cans in the sun,so take in the usa update...go to the fbm site for more news on what went down this weekend over there,im pretty sure it would have been a good ole time for all and you will no doubt see plenty more of it on props and in the mags to come. we had the boys from epsom come down and ride this weekend,was good to see they finally got up here,i didnt take any snaps but arrash from cali was ripping the place,so was ross...but jon smoked ciggies and dreamt of dry trails! and some pics of some legends for ya-check out mozza and crandad sessioning the hip,these boys been rolling forever and still live for time on a bike..fuckin spot on!blue sky's and bikes,sounds good to me!