flee'ing london?some times i really wish some of you would....go on f@ck right off! only joking you soft heads,dont get bent out of shape,check the headline on one of this weeks evening standards-"prepare to flee"!this week we had the fit uk trip in town,and a bunch of other people with them, seriously a 30 man crew on saturday with em-nuff names in there! they had a couple of splendid days of pissing rain. i do mean pissing rain too and one of sun...summer is officially cancelled i reckon?owain did his best to take em to all his untapped spots he found whilst he lived here for a couple of months-not a year sunshine!monday was a right wash out,broken cranks an all!hammering rain from 3 or 4 onwards no rolling other than southbank,even if a local pecka takes you to a spot on a monday in rush hour to ride undercover in the city-its monday and you cant ride in the city in the week until after 8 or 9...understand this.the fit crew have all left for france now-hopefully the weather will be better there?our man chris doyle broke his jaw last week,its wired at the minute,he can only eat liquids from what i can gather-best wishes go to him to get well soon. heres a few pics from a spot sesh mid week...sunny too! that lazy f@cker ricky adam kept geting in all my shots this week....get the fuck outta london you pecka!