keep this shit coming or what,another dry one!i guess more than a few of you peckas went to the masters in koln,which is usually a good event and by the looks of it was again.anyways whilst you lot were probably sunning your selves in germany we were keeping it rolling in london....did chris doyle make it to the masters,he missed his flight and i couldnt find any pics of him,so i guess not? what a splendid weekend it was here,trails and concrete extendid 12" remix for all you rappers out there-even b.f would have been proud.also the new ride uk is out with our new ad-have a look and mail me some abuse if you get the chance or can be bothered,i even went to cantelowes today on the sneak of a one man mission-the bowl was empty and it was a pleasurable ride,the end 1/4 is fuckin awesome,but the flat bank side is absolute crap!still you can have good time on that 1/4 for sure,heres a few snaps from the weekend.jon robinson blasting the big line at epsom...critique from prof.yaffel.adam peters laying one flat...or is it gordon ramsey?and yeah rain did stop play but only for a swift carry on lads.