unbelievable,a dry weekend!people were keen for a roll after all the hydro we saw recently...was a busy day at epsom trails and at the spot.plenty of 2 wheel action and some terrible pics i shot at epsom...im cursed for shooting pics at that place! ya know what,recently i have come across a few odd things riding down the street,sometimes i see riders who i have never seen before-ya know people you can tell are into and ride bmx,on a few occasions riders have rolled straight passed and dont even look at ya,dont even acknowledge there is another rider passing em,i find this unfucking believable.what the fuck is the problem,we are a small group and solidarity should be stronger than ignoring someone else just cause we aint officially met...you lot are a serious a minus for the scene.fuckin ppointless. we also had josh suhre over here for a few days,he just got back from the proper trip to scotland,in which it rained everyday..no it rained every day.fortunately it didnt rain on the day we went to take a pic,however,we did ride 8 miles or so to a bank to rail to find it completely unrideable due to cars parked right infront of the bank....f@ckin result there! damn i better stop moaning,get a load of these pics...and pray for more dry weather!