alright morons,heres a little london history lesson for ya, check these pics from the london scene back in 87. that ramp was built d.i.y by some kids over on the west of london,underneath the west way (A 40) in royal oak,it appeared around 86 and got some fair coverage in an old bmx mag called "bmx action bike"-which later turned into r.a.d. that place at the time was a mecca for the london scene,you could even ride when it was wet cause it was underneath the A 40. the two in the pics are lee reynolds and greg guilliote-i dont know if i spelt his name right?-those 2 were pretty much the masters of the place,along with a couple of other guys.if you pass the place now the wall mural and hieght markings are still there....this was good, 10 feet airs will never get old!