f@ck me! if that werent the most rain ive seen in a good while...p@ssing wet and relentless here in london... not much happened here,we rode the trails in epsom for a couple of hours with some guys from basingstoke before the heavens opened and realesed the grimness that besmirched our day,the next day and the day after that....many a scrunched beak this weekend. check the pics for more on the events of a wet one,a rained off session,ross from epsom has been helping build at the redbull empire of dirt event,he says the event in is set to be a stormer! chris doyle at his local trails which may have been bulldozed by now-i know they are going soon. viatmin x played a storming show tho,check the pics for more on that,that was true energy put forth on that event,sheer chaos and good vibes!they had some inflatable pool toys flying all over the place,people on the floor, pile ons and circle pits all present and correct. not too much else goes on here,some of the boys from united are on a trip in the usa,louisville and texas are some of the destinations...there are pics on some of the bitch sites out there!