for anyone thats interested,the band "warcry"played here in london at the weekend and were pretty splendid...plenty of anger and energy going there.lots of crowd participation and good times.for anyone that knows tragedy-its tod from tragedy's other band.and if you like tragedy,you'll like these guys,altho they dont sound too alike. we had alot of people roll through our place at the weekend,guys from bristol,cambridge and all over london,heavy session.some guys from portugal drop by too at the weekend,they are staying in finsbury park for a few weeks whilst working at playstation/bay 66 building a"crappy"little bowl for skating only.nice dudes and rippers too,check fly bikes' perico busting some of the most splendid no foot can cans i have seen....check that shit!! they were also as nice as to say our place was"the best spot in the world"-i know where you are coming from but,thanks man! its stopped raining- im outta this place!