first things first,if you are posting up on your site-"blah, have just updated there news...and they have no relation to you other than they are bmx too,well,that aint news,that is some seriously cheap ass shit! its been a rough one!from the hottest april-see ride uk for more info-on record to the shittest may i can remember! i was getting on board a train about a week ago and some thug loooking guy with a tattooed face told me"your a bit old to be riding one of those arent ya"i responded with "fuck yeah-i love it"!we bantered on for about about tattoos and bmx,but he didnt understand how after riding a bmx for 20 odd years you could nt do all the tricks! this dude was younger than me by a good few too,anyway i should have found out his cut off age of "too old"ferrit mate-i know for next time,im pretty syched that i have lived thru 2 generations of"too old ferrit tho"kids used to tell me that when i was at school and its good to see its rolled round again! i stole the pics of bill from dalston-thats right next to where i live-i wonder if he's still on the manor-anyway i stole them off the good ole boys at old school site with a message board with plenty of honest banter and no one whining about petty shit.bill from dalston-tearing a hole in the performance in '86-dont mess! then the bottom pic is that cheeky northerner benson,riding other peoples spot whilst they were away...the damn cheek of it!