jfk,okc bombing,911,huffy truck turd.... thats right the huffy truck turd...i have to confess, that was me...i saw that the terrible one guys used the infamous chenga truck turd as there splash page this week, and have to tell the tale-just like james files and e.howard hunt told the tale of the jfk assasination,here goes.. i think it was 99/98...charles niccoletti wasnt there but sandy carson was? the huffy truck turd unlike all the other unsolved crimes was right on,usually you look back at that stuff and think you done wrong,but this time i would have to say im quite proud of it-not that i would do it again. it was a chenga fbm contest in december,fbm had just made there first frame-the angel of death.i was wandering about thinking there were way too many in chenga riding...bored, so thought id take a dump...found a slurpee cup and sort of thought id use that.i remember i was totally unprovoked yet premeditated,i was in the chenga toilet shitting in a slurpee cup,i went back out to the contest holding it behind me back with the lid and straw still poking out...whilst it was minging...steam coming outta that thing!so we strolled outside up the grassy knoll to the car park and thought we'd put it to good use and dashed it onto the front of that big ole thing...it came out the cup ready curled! so there you have it...crime solved!