well if it aint another sizzling april day in olde londonium!fuckin awesome-sorry for the lack of updates this week,ive been off line due to that crappy orange-garbage-internet connection,that many of us got sucked into,im in the bleeding internet cafe typing this piece...we have been offline for 5 days!anyway less of the whinge,i got an aussie next to me tallking about flip flops!its been fuckin sweet out this way over the last week,sunny days and plenty of 2 wheel action.also we got an invite for megatour europe which is in the pipe line...see what happens there eh? check the snaps,the tattoo is fuckin commited aint it!this is on the leg of the captain from japan...he aint messing with that. this is just a tuck over a hip we built,this kid is arnie san from lith-you-wayne-e.r,fuck knows i cant spell it,its in eastern europe near russia.he landed on these shores last year right into our little scene of old fuckin assholes who ride bikes he just so happened to end up living right where our spot is,he didnt have a bike then but does now and is keen as f@ck-this pic to me is why i like bmx,someone just entusiastic about rolling on there bike,no bullshit just time on a bike...reflective of the good things in life generally...arnie is probably smoking someone elses ciggarette right now. then theres london in the sizzling spring....and jon robinson-he is livid-from the weird woods hip at epsom.