another cold night in ye olde london town,another gathering of clowns at scotts ramp. this ramp has seen us thru many a winter now and is still a good time. the ramp is the work of a collective of 10 or so riders who 5 years ago,took it upon themselves to do something and ease their winters,so they rented out a warehouse space ramp sessions are divided up through out the week,and guests outside the collective pay a small fee to ride.alot better-less crowded and cheaper than a shitty public park,you get to listen to your own sort of music,rattle some tea and talk shit on every one who is there with out em getting offended!it seems to work out for every one and makes winter some what bareable.a god idea that should be duplicated many times over! this is scott malyon -member of collective-and chris -guest from southend making the most of a mid feb session.