Ashley is Charged!

So we got another“how do you plead”up, It revolves around what bmx fads some of us have been into over the years…

Guilty or not guilty….How do you plead Ashley Charles?

Skinny bars? guilty was just small at the time. Dickies pants? guilty SHL. Chain wallet? guilty made sense. Shoe lace belt? guilty cheap. Front brake? not guilty. No brake? guilty James newrick. 4 piece bars? guilty powerlites union scene. Pegs? guilty. Pegless? guilty trails. Motor bike chain? not guilty. Baggy jeans? not guilty. Girls jeans? not guilty. Elbow pads? guilty swell bow. Peg chinks? guilty Nate Hansen. 5 inch pegs? not guilty. New Era? not guilty. Studded belt? not guilty. Roof drop? not guilty. Kick flips/Crank flips? not guilty. Hang 5? not guilty flatland trick init. 3/4 length long sleeve? guilty T1. Gyro? guilty double bars. Nokon cable? not guilty. Manual to 180? guilty. Hand plant? not guilty. Unlook back? guilty Aitken. Bandana? not guilty. Multiple foot jams? not guilty fucking coping tap dancing. Dread locks? not guilty. Roll out sliders? not guilty. Emo fringe? not guilty.