Who dun it?

Print is dead is a common phrase these days amongst BMX hipsters. I've had this pic on the wall of my shop for a few years, its getting tattered and worn now but id say this is more alive than any pic on the web and its 15 years old.When BMX was in its most independent form and healthy..."ole well back in the good old days..." This is a great peek in to that era, that sadly got so lost with all the chic and corporate crap that got pushed our way afterwards. We have other newer posters on the wall's too yet its this one that gets the most reaction, from brand new BMX kids to weathered adults. Is everything in this pic now deemed "not hot" by the majority of the big BMX sites and magazines these days and if print is dead who killed it?


Ole man... indoor wooden skatepark obstacle...laaame.

This guy thinks he's a pool skater, look at those Dickies trousers.

Look at the height on that seat post, hiding a railed seat of course.

Old Comp 3 tyre.

Big ole Etnies Throttle shoes, is that an air bubble in the heel?

That bikes a mess mate.


What size is that sprocket?

Small bars dooood!

Kelly Baker behind the spine?

Old BMX company banners in the background....are those companies still going?

Is that Birdman down there on the right?