Robbo response

Robbo answers a few questions about recent goings on...pic by Jaz.
Hows the injuries coming along? The last four months have been abit rough.everyone I've spoke to who have broken there wrists said it takes a while to heal and I believe that now.But I've been riding a bit but not fully it's just nice to cruise around.
What you been doing in these spring months?
Been digging a lot I couldn't clay and pack shit down because of my wrists so i just been going around rebuilding stuff and stacking stuff up.only the last months I've been claying stuff.apart from that just been working and hanging out.
Your average weekend consists of?
Haha, I dunno I changes and it should you know. I chill with with my girl most of the time then see what happens at night.Not much happens around here tho the rest of the time I go the woods dig some, ride some.
What was the first"famous" trail spot you visited-how was it?
When i was 12 i went to burlish trails that was wild ha,ha.
What was the first BMX video you saw? first bmx video, oh shit, umm i think it was dig/ Tj lavin and Fuzzy Hall i still have that too.
3 Favourite trails spots UK?
villij brighouse epsom 3 Favourite trail spots USA?
catty posh minnersville
What 5 riders most influenced you when you started?
Mike Aitken Jay Sponge Derek Girard Brian Yeagle Chris Stauffer What 5 riders most influence you now?
Mike Aitken Villij locals Catty locals Brian Foster Brian Yeagle
The worst thing about trail building is?
Probably lips or landings falling down then having to re stack them more then once. or maybe the weather when it seem to not go the way you want.god damn mother nature.
What was the last trick you learned?
I dunno i haven't really learned a new trick in ages.At the minute im just happy to be riding ok with my shitty wrist