Mozza is Guilty!

mozza-charged-plant Ian Morris has been there and done it all BMX wise, a true hall of famer. We throw the book at him in our latest"how do you plead".

Skinny bars? Guilty all the way. Chain wallet? Guilty. Yep and proud of it. Bloody good idea if you ask me. Front brake? Guilty. Canadian nose picks all day.. No brake? Guilty. On and off. 4 piece bars? Guilty.Yep just turned 40 so I thought I’d switch it up. Pegs? Guilty. Pegless? Not guilty. Motor bike chain? Not guilty. Hip hop jeans? Maybe baggy jeans but not hip hop. Girls jeans? Not guilty. Dungaree's? Guilty.that’s below the belt. Warpig?(Old S&M Troy Mcmurray frame) Guilty. That frame was sweet. Elbow pads? Guilty Peg chinks? Guilty. Did some but never got into it. 5 inch pegs? Guilty. I used to have Primo Stiffies and I think they were 5inch Dickies pants? Guilty. New Era? Guilty. Mesh cap? Guilty. Studded belt? Guilty. Yeah when I was about 12. Roof drop? Guilty. Nothing wrong with a roof drop. Half barspin? Guilty. Half bar spins are sweet. Kick flips/Crank flips? Not guilty. 3/4 length long sleeve? Guilty. T1 influenced. Gyro? Guilty. Love a gyro it’s just too much had work to maintain. Skateboard? Guilty.Yeah nothing wrong with a skateboard. Fishbone Gyro? Guilty. We all make mistakes sometimes. Front flip? Guilty.Yep and enjoyed doing them. Nokon cable? Guilty. I got one but I couldn’t get it to work that well so I ditched it. Manual to 180? Guilty. I did do some but never doing them. Hand plant? Not guilty. Unlook back? Not guilty. Bandana? Not guilty Multiple foot jams? Not guilty. Not into it. Dread locks? Not guilty. Roll out half cab-Parrick style? Not guilty. Roll out sliders? Not guilty. Emo fringe? What the fuck does that mean?