Jimmy R is Guilty as F@ck!!

jimmy-onefoot Jimmy Rushmore gets to stand in the dock this time, and has a few confessions to make here, he's kept a well concealed past up until now! These are the bicycle"trends"he has been through so far!

Skinny bars? Guilty, the 90s were all about the skinny bars. Dickies pants? Still guilty, i think cyclone used to sell em, if they stocked it, i rocked it!! Chain wallet? Not guilty, when them things were out it was all about the shoe wallet for me. Front brake? Guilty, i had one on my first bike. No brake? Not guilty. 4 piece bars? Guilty as hell, powerlites ruled! I remember watchin the Nase and Jerry Galley airin like 10ft on playstation vert, they worked for them. Pegs? Guilty, every1 had pegs and bitta peg scratchin is splendid. Pegless? Guilty. Maybe Garret Byrnes made all my friends take em off so i thought id try it out 2....it sucked 5 inch pegs? Not guilty Motor bike chain? Guilty the old skinny ones loved a snap. Coloured tyres? Guilty, i saw some blue v monsters thought they was cool, next thing you know there on...... dumbass Cammo pants? Not guilty Cargo shorts? Guilty, Ray Mears. Baggy jeans? Guilty, that was the style, love it!! Girls jeans? Can fuck right off. Elbow pads? Not guilty. Peg chinks? Guilty harlow mini ramp. Mesh cap? Guilty. New Era? Not guilty. Studded belt? Not guilty. Roof drop? Guilty, i aint afraid a no roof. Kick flips/Crank flips? Not guilty, my chain was always to tight. 3/4 length long sleeve? Guilty T1 all over it. Gyro? Guilty Joe Rich man! Hang 5? guilty FFffRRRoOoooNNNNtTT EEENNNNNDdd Nokon cable? Not guilty to regal for me. Manual to 180? Guilty. Hand plant? not Guilty. Unlook back? Do unlook pants count?? Guilty ,Mike Aitken made me do it. Bandana? Guilty but before you pass your judgment let me just say this, i was on a pirate ship not a BMX....cained on holiday, they were sellin a patch bandana and sword combo, course i got involved! Multiple foot jams? Not guilty Dread locks? Not guilty Roll out Parrick style? Guilty street points Roll out sliders? Guilty Garret Byrnes sorted me that one. Emo fringe? Questionable do's: yes emo fringe: no way maaaan!!!