Fids fives!

fids-turn-down Damn, if you have ever seen Fids ride you know how he runs it, and its the same with these top 5's, the Fids lets it all hang out in this one...

Fids:I would just like to say i dont really have favorites and if I did theres no way i'd have only 5 of em, hahaha!

98-where was ya? bike show demos.seventies tour uk.I went to HB with dean H for 3 months in september... i think, thats a hard one 11 years a go.

5 of your most viewed bmx flicks. These day theres too many flicks and web flicks.... not a nuff quality. Head first was the first bmx flick i see and you showed me that. It scared me, a dude did a jump got of his bike then got back on be for landing...amazing,so had to do that.... Dirty deeds. Scum. S&M Bmx Inferno. Little devil.

5 favoured video parts. BF Dirty deeds. Griffin Dirty deeds. Rooftop Dirty deeds. Taj Hoffman vid the one with the monkey in it and i just seen Mike Aitkens new one med's .

5 riders who have most influenced your riding? I wont say influenced but been a big part of my going riding John was you that got me back on a bike after skating all the time ago in about 92-93ish and every time i've been riding with you such good times with out fail. Mike Griffin.. just loved the way he was . Brian Foster ...fucking cool dude and so much style, kills everything. Joe Rich, kills everything. Steve Crandall love that dude and he loves riding and love for good times.

5 non bmx pass times. Traveling. Going to see bands. Skating. Surfing. Kite surfing. Love the beach life.

5 of your favourite trail riders. Mike Aitken nuff said. Stauffer Its hard to have 5 favourite as i like so many, them 2 stick out tho. i get stoked on so many riders all in differnt ways Booky,Rosshead,Rushmore i love watching them ride and when the Fortes came to the trails feck so good, loved it amazing. The epsom youth, how good are they Ben and Joe and the rest of em, them dudes rule.

5 riding spots you'd like to revisit. Gillingham sk8 park thats where it all started for me and i think i will one day its still there under a load of shit.It would be up to todays standards La mirada-my first real trails, That was the first place i ever see more than one jump in a row i think there was 8 jumps in the mane line. It took me three 8hr days to get to the end jump and when. it was still loto to get through. Bo's trails. i couldnt ride that place when i first went there. shit my self. now i've got the skills now would love to have a go. Sidley woods when it was pumping. Canterbury ghetto ware house , that place was well ahead of its time-94 and thinking about it was probly the first one ever-we even had a vert ramp.

5 splendid bmx products. Ruffneck grips... RIP gutted my have the last pair on my bike at the mo. Back brake. S&M Slam bars. S&M Dirt bike. S&M Pitch forks.

5 best trips. Feck iv been on so many its hard to pick 5 hahaha back yard 93-94 camping at the track. USA california 95. Seventies tour 97-98. Koln. Fat jam 96-98.

5 favoured snacks. Pan cakes. Bowls of cereals addicted. and if the kids are going to the shop. Mars bar. Toffe crisp. Galaxy.

5 worst things about riding trails. Seeing segment stuff. Coming up short... Over shooting. Winter. Going home. Berms i hate em and love em.

5 good things about London town. you can ride any where in 15 minutes camdon sk8park seeing bands paying top ££££ for every thing...why is that? any day of the week you will see some thing mad going on and where have all the cockneys gone?

5 best things about 08. I had surgery (ACL replacement) left knee in march and was riding end of may amazing. Working in London from the sumer on for a year and staying up there all week so i got to ride and hang out with the wednesday blog dudes at camdon sk8park. Riding epsom trails full time i loved that.thats was why i ride my bike fecking good people,fecking good trails fecking good times. Working on my van i love it. Being 39 years old.

5 people you keep spots secret from. Well if i had to keep a spot secret from some one i just wont hang out with em so they wouldnt know about it. I guess theres loads but iv been lucky and not bumped in to em yet. but i do so of find it funny keeping shit secret from one and other. where all doing the same thing they just need educating em,im like more the merrier and a lot of the time the jabronies are a good source of entertainment.

5 fun street sessions. Never had one, street sucks.........and ive been on a lot of street missons with people.....hahaha Well once with Boyley,Dan Price and a load of others from Hasting we all went round Hasting for a day like 10am till 8 pm and i did have a good time i did a rail at hill crest, rode a locker that we put on some stairs. ya had a real good day and the other year in costa mesa played add a trick with Mozza, Robo, Eddie Cleveland and some locals and had a fecking good time loved it. Some other times with Mozza back in the day Bristol, Liverpool hes a street real rider one of a few. If your not doing ralls and big shit its just flat land to me. why 360 or no hand or what ever down 10 stairs and land so hard coss ya fecking do land hard when ya can do the same thing at the trails but land good then do some thing else and keep going do more of what ya just did instead of just one go? Fuck i dont under stand it, its not for me.