Clint Reynolds is guilty?

clint-texas-tap Up in front of the judge this time is New Hampshires favourite son Clint Reynolds, he likes Rambo and does both roll out styles-thats a first-Live free or Die as they say in NH!

Skinny bars? Guilty, when I was real young all the older kids had them. Dickies pants? Guilty, Mark chouqette . Chain wallet? Not guilty. Front brake? Not guilty. No brake? Guilty, only for about a week. 4 piece bars? Guilty, Brian Castilo . Pegs? Guilty, feeble grinds were sick. Pegless? Guilty, Garret burns. 5 inch pegs? Guilty, lock into the feeble. Motor bike chain? Guilty, for when I missed on a feeble. Coloured tyres? Guilty. Cammo pants? Guilty, Rambo. Cargo shorts? Guilty. Baggy jeans? Guilty. Girls jeans? Not guilty. Elbow pads? Not guilty. Peg chinks? Guilty, Brian Wizmersky . Mesh cap? Guilty, truck drivers. New Era? Not guilty. Studded belt? Not guilty. Roof drop? Not guilty. Kick flips/Crank flips? Not guilty. 3/4 length long sleeve? Guilty, taj. Gyro? Guilty. Nokon cable? Guilty, snoty. Manual to 180? Guilty. Hand plant? Not guilty. Unlook back? Guilty, Mike Aitken. Bandana? Not guilty. Multiple foot jams? Not guilty. Dread locks? Not guilty. Roll out Parrick style? Guilty. Roll out sliders? Guilty. Emo fringe? Not guilty, not sure what that is?