Booky, how do you plead?

booky1Its that time again, we put the booky in the dock this time, and much to my surprise he fell into many more catergouries of guilt than i would have originally thought…Jon Robinson How do you plead?

Skinny bars? Guilty sort of im sure i ran a pair of savagely cut down slams at some point with the grips round the bend and the lever down by the crossbar. Dickies pants? Guilty wallmart in america 12 dollars bargin ! had all the colours black, blue, khaki and brown ! a selection ! Chain wallet? Guilty a long time ago though haha. Front brake? Guilty also a long time ago endoooo ! No brake? Not guilty but guilty not by my own choice after brake failure ! actually ive ridden a few peoples bikes at the trails without brakes so guilty i guess sort of ? 4 piece bars? Not guilty but maybe a pair of gt four peice were on quite a few years back so i guess guilty. Pegs? Guilty and guilty of being able to do nothing with them ! Pegless? Guilty and still guilty haha. 5 inch pegs? Maybe guilty never took a measurement. Motor bike chain? Not guilty motorbike chains are for motorbikes ! Coloured tyres? Not guilty ! Cammo pants? Err not guilty but still rocking a pair of camo shorts ? Cargo shorts? Guilty ? the above mentioned camo shorts ? Baggy jeans? Guilty mc hammer in the house ! Girls jeans? Not guilty it aint a pantomime no need for the denim leg ins ! Elbow pads? Not guilty but once took a pair to woodward only to be not let in gutted still gutted to this day ! Peg chinks? Not guilty unless bad attempts at ice picking handrails count ! Mesh cap? Guilty got one in my bag right now ! New Era? Not guilty ! Studded belt? Not guilty ! Roof drop? Not guilty but guilty of a couple of little roof gaps. Kick flips/Crank flips? Not guilty thats a trick that should be left to skateboarders no need to be flapping around down there. 3/4 length long sleeve? Guilty dug one out the other day thats gona make a come back ! Gyro? Guilty a long time ago ! Nokon cable? Not guilty never had the money for space age technology to help me stop and still dont ! Manual to 180? Not guilty yet but definately guilty of having a few goes Hand plant? Not guilty. Unlook back? Not guilty but guilty if an un turndown counts ? Bandana? Definately not guilty leave that to axel rose ! Multiple foot jams? Not guilty ! no need for all that bouncing around get a pogo stick ! Dread locks? haha not guilty fucking hippys ! Roll out Parrick style? Not guilty ! Roll out sliders? Guilty garret burns influence ! Emo fringe? Maybe guilty i have a fringe not really an emo fringe but its definately a fringe !