How do you plead?

sign-180 How do you plead?

Skinny bars? Not Guilty Chain wallet?Guilty- Chris Stauffer Front brake? Not Guilty- Never No brake? Not Guilty- Never 4 piece bars? Not Guilty Pegs? Guilty-Van Homan Pegless? Guilty Motor bike chain? Guilty-Mad Alan local rider Hip hop jeans? I guess I used to wear them fairly baggy! Girls jeans? Not Guilty, no way Elbow pads? Not guilty Peg chinks? Not guilty 5 inch pegs? Not guilty Dickies pants? Guilty & loved it-Sheep hills Era Influence New Era? Guilty Studded belt? Guilty-Neal Wood Roof drop? Guilty-Garret Byrnes Half barspin? Guilty- Ross Hill Kick flips/Crank flips? Not guilty 3/4 length long sleeve? Guilty- East coast trails Gyro? Not guilty Nokon cable? Guilty- Ruben Manual to 180? Guilty Hand plant? Guilty- Ruben Unlook back? Guilty- Robbo(Robbie Morales)all over it Bandana? Not guilty Multiple foot jams? Not guilty Dread locks? I have had a couple weird do's yes. Roll out half cab-Parrick style? Not guilty Roll out sliders? Guilty, still into it Emo fringe? Not guilty