Clint Reynolds high 5's

clint-reynolds-pannied Clint Reynolds high 5's!

Bmx video's 5 years ago? Who brought the Dicks?, Thunder, Ride on, Any of Stew's old videos and any old FBM vids. Rider video sections? Garret Byrnes, Stauffer (Seek and Destroy), Yeagle (who brought the dudes?), Mainiac (FBM), .Nutter (Black Out). Movies? Woody Guthrie Bound for Glory, 1st Rambo, Mad Max, BMX Bandits, Total Recal.

Riders 5 years ago? The mod squad, Derrick Girrard, Yeagle, Joel Miller, Brian Hunt. Riders today?

Matty Aquizap, Nutter, The Blue Falcon, Yeagle, Robbo.

People? My Mom and Pops, Joel Miller, Matty Aquizap, Nutter, Places? NH, Austin, Bethlehem PA, Pittsburgh, UK. Bike companies of all time? FBM, Solid, Standard, S&M, Terrible one. Non bike companies? VW, Mercedes, Frybrid vegetable oil systems, Reynolds weld lab. Spots 5 years ago? Hospital banks in Boston (RIP), Trails behind my parents house, MOD, Manchester skatepark, Nashua skatepark. Spots today? Posh, Catty, East side woods, Dover trails, Manchester skatepark. Street spots? Anything you can launch off of is fun. Sessions: Any session with my bro's is a good session. Tricks: pancakes, turndowns, nac nac's, no armers, 360's. Trips: First road trip with all my friends, UK trip, Credence trip that was featured in props, Gypsy caravan, any trip down to PA. Non bmx activities: Mods, Vegetable oil, Welding, fire, exploring. Personal mods? Yeah, there are so many. Titanium frame, 1st Credence van with the 55 gal drum welded on the back (sketch), Log for a bumper on the new credence van, New power plant in the van, Side car made out of a 55 gal drum mounted on Derricks motorcycle! Train rides: I've e only been on one train ride when I was really young, and it was in Africa. My parents were missionaries over there for a little while and all I remember is a bunch of little kids waiting next to the tracks for people to throw food out to them, and I threw my left over sandwich. Bands: Black Sabbath, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, This bike is a pipe bomb, CCR. Bmx video songs? Heino's part in nowhere fast, Van homan's part Criminal Mischeif, Mainiac in FBM, Garret Byrnes in Seek and Destroy, Chris Stauffer in Seek and Destroy. Name 5 jabroni's? Rick Thorne.