Ashley Charles interview.

What are the good points of living in bournemouth?Friends, family and the beaches in the summer. Countries visited this year? Portugal, Spain, Ireland Canada, U.S.

ash-lookback.jpgdivide.jpgash-bar-180.jpg What you been doing in these summer months? Been on a bunch of trips riding bikes and having a good time. Most fun trip you went on this year? Probably ride to glory. Good people, good spots and good weather. Worst trip you went on this year? Trips are always good even when its bad, it's all an eexperience If i had to pick one though it would be Spain, just because i was sick at the start then took it to my ribs the first day i felt well enough to ride. Are you an internet junkie? Not really. 5 non bmx websites you visit daily? Yahoo, youtube, bbc. How often do you change your myspace profile pic? Fuck Myspace. Favourite place to eat? My house when I'm home. Any good vegan spots if I'm away.

ash-pics-portup-rail.jpg The first bmx film you saw was? S&M 44 Something. What was the last bmx film you watched,how was it? Levis, pretty good. What was the last bike part you payed for? Probably a tube. You're average weekend consists of.... Riding and hanging out with friends. Favourite riding spot 5 years ago? Allotment trails.

ash-wall.jpg Favourite riding spot now? Anywhere new. What 5 riders have influenced your riding in the last 5 years? Mike Aitken, Jason Enns. Phil Wasson, Chase Dehart, Jeremy Reiss. What 5 riders influenced you when you started? Mike Aitken, Jason Enns, Joe Rich, Jerry Galley, Jeremy Reiss. What was the last trick you learned? Toboggan airs. What is a trick you wanted to learn but still havent? Truck hops. Least favourite wrestler? Triple H.

ash-south.jpg Is there anything you wish would disappear from bmx? Bent forks. Is there anything you think needs to make a come back in bmx? Kids learning bike control instead of the latest trick. First memorable picture you saw in a bmx mag? Chuck. Table at Posh. Last memorable picture you saw in a bmx mag? Some of the stuff from Eli Plats interview was pretty nuts. What place do you want to travel to next to ride? Russia.