fbm paraphernalia.

geoff-slattery-panny.jpgdivide2.jpgcoffee-table.jpgdivide6.jpgclint-scotty-shane.jpgFBM's ghetto high air went off with some good ole vert vets turning up and getting all looped out and crazy on the rickety ramp made of pallets!Our boys Geoff Slat(Back on the steed busting out)and Clint Reynolds made an appearance too, check them in the pics!Saw the best hub guard ive ever seen too-courtesy of the genius shane baylayer, cardboard hub guard but he swears its high tech lazer cut not primitive ole scissors!?Also got a good vintage pic of Scotty throwing a seat grab superman at rayleigh 's old trail spot. picture by Nick who has a good debate about nike on his site from a bunch of different heads.