weather obssessing!

cong-sun.jpgdivide2.jpgfids-right-turn.jpgdivide1.jpgdivide.jpgAs usual i wont say nothing about the weather,I wont say how wet its been or how the wind has blown people backwards down the street,And neither will i say anything about it being the wettest August on record.What has been happening in the glory is this...Fids busting one handers,A dry day at the jumps,A hastings no show at the ramp-check jimmy and scott up in that link!Also ole nick's site for some sweet pics,local cotcher and all round good dude Niel(closest non riding "adult"resident to the trails) put it best when his boy asked "what happens when it gets dark here dad"?"well everyone has a sit down,smokes a ciggarette,puts the world to rights then goes home"!