Scott Malyon interview


Place of residence?Rochester, Kent, England

Whats the first thing you think of in the morning?Have i got time for breakfast

Whats the last thing you think of at night?Weather i should bother getting up early or not.

What you been doing in these winter months?Haven't been upto much really, i've been riding when the weather is good, i've hit a few skateparks but man they're hard work having to deal with all the usual skatepark idiots, i think i've been spoilt with my ramp and the fact that it's never busy and it's just a select crew.

Are you an internet junkie?Yeah a little bit i guess, i try not to be but there's so much stuff on there it's unbeleivable, it's an endless amount of knowledge.

5 non bmx websites you visit daily?youtube...

How often do you change your myspace profile pic?Myspace???? Im no Micheal Jackson!!!

Favourite snack?Right now that would have to be roasted monkey nuts, but i love broccoli, you cant beat a nice bowl of broccoli.

The first bmx film you saw was?Ride On!! It was the bollox

What was the last bmx film you watched,how was it?The last one i watched was one that Elf sent me.... 50/50 Thats it. I really liked it, it had some real good sections and it shows how much of a bad ass Elf is.

What was the last bike part you payed for?A brake cable for when i decided to take my gyro off, i lasted a day, the gyro is back on.

You're average weekend consists of....It's normally a mix of spending time with my girlfriend, riding bmx or riding my moto bike. I never seem to have enough time to do exactly what i want these days, but it makes me appreciate things alot more. When i get time to do the things i like to do i try not to waste it.

Favourite riding spot 5 years ago?Romford

Favourite riding spot now?Thats a tough one, probably the warehouse.

What 5 riders have influenced your riding in the last 5 years?Van Homan, Joe Rich, Jason Enns, Mike Aitkin, Taj

What 5 riders influenced you when you started?Matt Hoffman, Ian Morris, Jerry Galley, Vic Murphy, Stuart King

What was the last trick you learned?Ha ha i dont learn tricks anymore!!!

What is a trick you wanted to learn but still haven't?Probably 360 whips, Like how Jay Miron does them. PROPA!!!

Favourite wrestling hold?The Camel Clutch!!!

Is there anything you wish would disappear from bmx?Im not sure really, the whole tight jean thing is a bit annoying but i guess it's just a fasion that will come and go, but i'll have to agree with Ashley that kids need to know more about the roots off BMX, im not saying im Mr Roots but a little bit of knowledge wouldn't go a miss with these Jabronies.

Is there anything you think needs to make a come back in bmx?Nope, i believe that bmx is just like how it used to be, but that view isn't the one portrayed in magazines and on tv, there's still people out there that still are riding there bikes and having fun and not worrying about where there gunna place in there next comp or what t-shirt they should wear for a photo shoot to earn the most money. FUCKIN RUBBISH!!!

First memorable picture you saw in a bmx mag?I really cant remember, it would probably be when Hoffman built the first mega ramp thing and he got towed by the moto bike, he went so high. Pretty much every picture of Hoffamn was crazy back then, the best vert rider ever!!!

last memorable picture you saw in a bmx mag?That picture of Brian Foster doing that burm hump pedel scuff thing was pretty amazing. Not a trick just fuckin coooool.