hop,skip and 180 long jump

eddie-rochford.jpgdivide.jpgcongjimmy.jpgIts march,did i already mention that?probably,anyway im pretty happy its march sounds so much better dont it,spring is coming tho you couldnt tell that to the kids at Rom,It was f@cking freezing and they ended up evolving a 180 long jump contest out of the resi-unsanctioned of course,with plenty of carnage and kids rolling about at high speed on there backs! this could of been the mid 80's kids having a laugh riding bikes,when did it all change,it didnt.all we need now are some tyres to do it over...it'll happen! isacc owner of the romford bar stool,busted a mean tail whip out of a clump of wood and concrete.unfortunately the bar stool is no longer on the bike,i for one was disappointed with that!