arf'term drama's!

rhyso-n-ross.jpgdivide5.jpgfeb-bare-back.jpgits the first day of half term for school's,i thought the skatepark was going to be rammed but it wasnt too bad,even caught a glimpse of the first bareback in feb-this guy with the nwa tattoo was rocking it proud!ross head and wado flew around the bowl like true locals,just dont call em locals-they get pissed!after a splendid afternoon of sun and bmx,the day went a little sour,i saw a few of the school bullies had taken up skateboarding,there was a right ole drama going down,8 skateboard kids decided to try beat up one other skateboard kid,it was pretty stupid and all ended in tears,verbal bravado and ripped trousers...and the coffee machine at the garage werent working-bummer doooood!