who's next?

portugeezas-day-2.jpgdivide1.jpgportugeezas-day-22.jpgwhat we talking...ghetto parks and private ramps?today we ate pizza in some pro pizza shop,carnival day had loadsa pecka's dressed up floating around town.frank and alex took us there home made park in the middle of leiria,which is the middle of portugal.jimmy ate it doing a heavy panny and got bars to the gulliver.scott looked for a pirate out fit for carnival and ashley smashed the place,ross got flappy over the hip.bill promised a 5 forte all day but didnt deliver.after a swift coffee stop we hit jasons ramp,which is a private spine ramp with a big 1/4 either side,situated at the back of his dads car garage-they had a porche-regal...the shot gun still aint been fired,much to the dismay of some....gaaaar!