portugeezas.jpgdivide.jpgportugeezas-pt-2.jpga few of us have headed out to portugal,some how we got lucky,alex,frank and the portugeeza's have actually got a spare house they let us stay in with a orange tree in the front yard a shot gun under the stairs,a bunch of creepy dolls all over it and some dirt launches in the back yard that ross head and billy the boy were jumping over baby jesus when i got up this morning.we rode a skatepark that has wireless internet access and a good hip.ashrie sann charles blasted a bunch of good shit over it,aswell as tore the rest of the park a new one.after a swift 65 cent coffee we rode the ilegal bikes warehouse which was an exprience,a big ass indoor bowlwhich a bunch of mtb's ride...it feels like you are going 60 mph around that thing...check the pics...shorts are on!