devonshire destroyers n blue tyres

kye-canties.jpgdid you ever notice how hard january is,it must be the toughest month of the calendar,cold,wet,windy and dark...what with how harsh january is,it certainly has cleared out almost everyone from the cantelowes if you can deal with the elements its empty.kye and toby forte were up for a session at cante's this weekend,and although kye is only just back and rolling after 3 months out with a shoulder injury,he still destroyed the bowl...check for more pics of him,he has his own blog there too. ross head shows off his winter skate park training too,with a hefty panny.whilst rhysooo of"woolen-gong"slides a pair of blue tyres over the love seat and into the deep the f@ck does anyone end up with blue tyres in 2008-aussie's!